Female Latin American? You will work up to 74 hours a week, gaining only 20

Few land demonstrate both the inequality between men and women that the labor. According to the Economic Commission for Amer[CEPAL]ica and the Caribbean, women in the region have more workload than men, and most of that work is unpaid.

Mexico, in that context, is the country in which the women work more time: 74.4 hours to the week, 10 hours more than them men (64.1 hours to the week). Of those 74 hours, 53.9 are not remunerated. Costa Rica, Peru and Argentina are the three countries in which women work longer.

Non-remunerated work corresponds to domestic work and care, exceeding half of the work carried out by women, in contrast to paid work in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. This situation affects their economic autonomy and does not move towards gender equality in the workplace.

The recommendations of the ECLAC to address this problem range from formulating public policies that balance unpaid work between men and women, to generate data that quantify and economically evaluate the domestic work and care.


Photo: efeagro.com

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